Saturday, June 18, 2011

El-Ahrairah represses available now

Available now over at A Terre:
El-Ahrairah - Demos 2xMC box. Contains the first two demos (Demo 2009 and The Blessing), a patch, hand-sewn inserts with lyrics and new artwork, all housed in a plastic double cassette box. Limited to 25 hand-numbered copies. The pre-orders only left a few of these still available.

El-Ahrairah - Demo 2009. Also known as the Self-Titled demo, this is the first offering from the Minnesota Black Metal trio. Updated with new artwork and a clearer sound. Limited to 50 hand-numbered cassettes.

El-Ahrairah - The Blessing. Second release from the Minnesota Black Metal band. A more straightforward approach to black metal on this release. Features an updated layout and an alternate song, never before released. Limited to 50 hand-numbered cassettes.

All previous orders have shipped. Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the boxes. Venowl/Marsh collab cassette is soon to follow.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shaidar Logoth MC / A Terre update

Shaidar Logoth - Chapter I: The Peddler is available now over at A Terre.

Pre-orders are still being accepted for the El-Ahrairah 2xMC boxes and the Self Titled Demo and The Blessing represses. Supplies are getting low on the boxes.

The Venowl / Marsh collab will be available for purchase next week.

All orders will start shipping next week.