Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Distro Items

Abu - 2010 Demo (Raw yet melodic Black Metal. Think Drudkh and Satanic Warmaster. A Terre)
Dead Neon - S/T (Nuclear fallout doom crust. Ecophagy Records)
El-Ahrairah - S/T Demo w/patch (First release. Atmospheric nature black metal. 2 copies left)(A Terre)
El-Ahrairah - The Blessing (Nature worshiping black metal. A Terre)
Eyesore - S/T Demo (Brutal, all female grind crust from Las Vegas.Ecophagy Records)
Inhumane / Colonizer - Split (Minnesota D-beat crust with Iowa raw grinding power-violence.)
Marsh - Life's Contradiction (Harsh, cold, depressing black metal. A Terre)
Shiro Ishii - Unit 731 (2 demos on one tape. 6 tracks of raw, noisy D-beat and 3 tracks of raw, grinding power-violence. A Terre)

Optimus Grind - A List Of Things I Hate Demo (Grinding thrash. Ex-Inhumane, Terrordactyls, Mutagen)
Inhumane - Winter Of Woe (Grinding blackened crust from Minnesota.)

El-Ahrairah - Logo patch
Fire & Iron - Torch & Sword patch

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