Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Live performances / New tapes

El-Ahrairah is performing at an event organized by Double Dutch records. They will be playing a set as Bathory in Minneapolis, Minnesota on February 5th. Send emails to tnordahl@mcnallysmith.edu for address/directions.

Two new El-Ahrairah tapes will be available this month. The "Rotted Roots" tape will be available by New Forces. It will be limited to 50 copies. We will also be getting a few copies. The second tape is the "Tribute to Bathory" tape. Three songs (War, Necromansy, and Equimanthorn) in a glossy card-stock sleeve, limited to 13 copies. These are available for $3 (shipping included). Send orders to tnordahl@mcnallysmith.edu

A few copies of the first El-Ahrairah demo have surfaced over at Salt & Ashes. Apparently, we're from South America and we're mysterious now? Still, a nice, short write-up.

Distro update will follow soon.

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