Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer 2011 releases

Summer 2011 releases:
Shaidar Logoth - Chapter I - The Peddler MC
Straightforward black metal from Minnesota. Enormous guitars and pummeling drums and a machine gun vocal attack. 4 tracks on 50 cassettes.

Venowl/Marsh - A Collaboration MC
A short yet powerful piece of non-music, this tape combines the minds of Illinois's own noise/black metallers, Venowl, and Minnesota's black metal act, Marsh, for two songs of harsh blackened noise. Edition of 25 cassettes.

El-Ahrairah - Self Titled MC
Second pressing of the first cassette from this Minnesota Black Metal act. Remastered for cassette with updated artwork. Edition of 50 cassettes.

El-Ahrairah - The Blessing MC
Second pressing of the second demo from El-Ahrairah. A more straight forward approach to black metal on this tape. Edition of 50 cassettes.

El-Ahrairah - The Demos 2xMC box
Lavish double cassette box which includes the first two demos, a booklet with lyrics and new artwork, and a screen-printed logo patch. Edition of 25 copies.

The El-Ahrairah tapes are available now for pre-order over at [url=http://url][/url]

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