Saturday, October 27, 2012

Four new releases available now.

Available now! AT-19 El-Ahrairah - The Gates of Dawn : Continuing along the path of the previous release, The Gates of Dawn is their most focused and concise release to date. A somewhat more orthodox approach, while still retaining a very strong sense of melody and lyricism. Four songs clocking in at just over twelve minutes. Limited to 50 with a ten page lyric/art book. AT-17 Catechism - s/t : Industrial / Harsh Noise from Minnesota. Two tracks of extremely dense walls of low frequency feedback layered with metal abuse. Limited to 33. AT-20 Finger of Scorn - Demos : Black metal in the old Polish tradition from Minnesota. Eight tracks of cold, elite BM with excellent melody. Limited to 25. AT-16 Burning Bethlehem - Unholy Path to Hell : Minnesota black metal that follows in the footsteps of the Norse greats. Very powerful production, while still retaining a raw and evil sound. Limited to 50. Plus a large distro update. The Colony tapes have not arrived yet. If you want to hold your order until they do, email me.

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