Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Catechism and distro update

Available now at CATECHISM - II Reverb drenched tape destroying, metal abusing, contact mic ingesting harsh noise. Four concise and focus tracks. Limited 33.Distro items:Bleak Forest - Morbid Funeral Inside Your CuntCatechism - IIDying in the Woods - Съкровището на РевуляEl-Ahrairah - The Gates of Dawn Filsufatia - Buried Beaneath, and Forgotten Jassa - Dark Years of DearthJuhyo / Volition - splitLikvann - Vredeskrik Manifesting - Primeval AdulationMardraum - Candlelit Hymns Winter Rehearsal Maugrim - Nothing Bare Orthank - Years of Ashes and MemoryRegress Zine #3Svetovid - Nature's FuryTorture Chain - Mutilating Astral EntitiesYellow Eyes - Hammer of NightVirvatulet / Gratzug - split

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